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Thank you for visiting the “Opportunities to Give” page of our website. Our goal is to create simple and convenient ways for parishioners and guests to make a contribution to our parish community. At St. Bridget Church, the meaning of giving and stewardship is reflected all around us each and every day. God has generously provided for our parish.  May God continue to bless our parishioners, their families and our guests. Thank you for your continued support.

Online Giving

You do not need a PayPal account to donate! You may simply use a credit or debit card. You will see several categories where you can direct your contribution.
Click the "Donate" button, or scan the QR Code with your smart phone to make a contribution. Thank you!

Text to Give

Want to quickly text a donation to St. Bridget?  Simply text "Give" to (715)226-6331.
You will receive a text back that contains a link to a very simple donation form. Just fill it out and click "Submit"!  We will receive your donation and will ensure that your contribution is credited to your account. 
For more details and further options, click here.


Automatic Electronic giving

Want to save time, simplify your life and support our parish?
St. Bridget offers our parishioners the convenience of Electronic Giving/ACH — an automated program that enables you to make monthly contributions without having to write a check or reach into your wallet for cash! Electronic giving/ACH provides stability to our weekly collection and saves the church the fees incorporated with mailing envelopes during the year.
Here is how it works:
You authorize a specified amount of money to be electronically transferred directly to the parish account from your checking or savings account on a pre-determined day of the month.
It is fast, safe and easy! The electronic transfer will cost you NOTHING and you save the cost of the check. Your bank / credit card statements will provide you with a record of transfers as additional proof of your contributions. You will also receive a tax statement from the church at the end of the year.
Click here to download the ACH form or pick one up in the church office.