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Please keep the following in prayer...

Judy P. H.

Michelle R.

Linda R.

Tony J.

 Boyd H.

Dorie D.

Sandy D.

Kaleigh & Jordan W.

Leah K.

Donna P.

Alice J.

Sheila C.

Stephanie C.

Ken H.

Chester H.

Mary Ellen V.

Barb I.

John B.

Mary M.

Mike S.

Betty M.

Coby C.

JoAnn W.

Pat R.

Amy D.

Ryan S.

Sonia S.

Francis O.

Mike S.

Kathleen K.

Barry O.

Emily H.

Dave G.

Kevin L.

Kevin S.

Andy J.

Darlene A.

Katy P.

Jerry T.

Bill L.

Ongoing Prayer Opportunities

Liturgy of the Word with Holy Communion
Community Prayer Group
Centering Prayer
Liturgy of the Word with Holy Communion
Noon Labyrinth Prayer
Rosary & Mass
Men & Women's Prayer

Community Prayer Group

The Community Prayer Group consists of a group of people from varying backgrounds who meet regularly (usually weekly) in a relaxed atmosphere of love and support for one another in an effort to grow in the knowledge and love of God, and to show this love in their attitude towards each other and to their neighbor. Each prayer meeting is open to anyone who wants to come.
God is praised with enthusiasm. Praise of God is characteristic of our prayer meetings, in line with the Catholic tradition in which praise permeates the liturgy, song, and prayer.
Large parts of the prayer meeting are reading daily scripture and then reflection on that scripture, where people are encouraged to listen to what the Lord is saying to them. Some participants may sense a message from the Holy Spirit to speak a word of encouragement or message to the group. After discussing the day's scripture, we move to Intercessory prayer. These are prayers for the needs of the world, the Church, parish, home and personal requests sent to us and those on the Prayer Wall. Prayer for healing is always available for those who ask for it. Many of our prayer participants are trained in Healing prayer.

We meet Mondays from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Contact the church office
for the name and number to contact the leader with questions.