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St. Bridget Catholic Church Cemetery Policies

All cemetery functions and procedures shall be consistent with and follow Diocese of Superior cemetery policies and procedures.
Records are kept in the parish office, at the diocesan chancery office and with the Cemetery Sexton.
The sexton responds to plot inquiries and meets with the families for purchase arrangements.
General policies:
Records of grave sites and maps are kept with the cemetery Sexton with backup files at the parish office.
All burials must be coordinated through the sexton or the parish office.
Cemetery plot sales are arranged by the cemetery sexton and as a backup by the parish administrator.
Cemetery plots are surveyed in an East to West direction. Grave Monuments/ markers must be of an approved type, and located at the head (West end) of the plot site. Foot markers are allowed but must be flush with the ground. Any unusual grave marker request requires specific approval prior to installation.
Flowers and grave decorations:
To better serve all families who have entrusted their beloved to our care, the parish pastoral council of St. Bridget Catholic Church has established the following guidelines:
Decorating the grave with natural flowers is welcomed and preferred. All flowers must be placed in elevated urns in line with the headstones or attached to the monument. Glass/breakable containers are not acceptable.
Any planting of flowers, plants, shrubs or trees on or near the grave site is not allowed.
The concrete mowing edge around the base of the monument must remain clear of decorations/objects at all times.
Free-standing chairs/benches and similar items are not permitted.
Shepherd hooks must be securely placed in line with the headstone.
Solar lights must be placed in line with the headstone in an elevated urn and not placed directly in the grass.
Flowers placed at the time of an interment will be left a minimum of five days. Potted plants left from funerals will be discarded.
All plants, flowers and decorations that are not maintained, detract from the appearance of the cemetery, or are deemed distasteful or unsafe will be removed by cemetery management.
All decorations (including flowers, wreaths, stands, holders, etc.) are the responsibility of the family. Any fall/winter items remaining on March 15 will be removed and discarded for spring clean-up. 
St. Bridget Cemetery is not liable for any items which are lost, stolen, or damaged.
Flowers or memorials placed at the grave site shall be of natural materials – plastic flowers are not allowed and may be removed at any time.
Any additional plantings at individual graves shall be approved by the sexton or the parish administrator prior to being installed.
Wreaths or seasonal grave decorations shall be cleaned up by the family after the memorial season has ended, in the spring and fall.
Outdated and old grave decorations, stands or holders may be removed by the groundskeeper during fall and spring clean-up periods. Any materials not picked up by the family will be disposed of by the groundskeeper.
Grounds keeping:
The groundskeeper shall take all precautions to preserve and respect the dignity of grave sites. This being the overall intent, the groundskeeper has the right and ability to access all areas of the cemetery to complete the tasks of mowing, planting, cutting trees, filling low spots, and all other care of the cemetery property.
For more information please contact Alan O’Neill, Cemetery Sexton