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How to Pray using the St. Bridget Labyrinth

There is no wrong way to walk the labyrinth.  In fact, walking is not even required.  Walk, sit, watch, skip, dance, pray or simply be in the presence of what is divine.
One process involves 3 phases:
The Journey in
Being in the Center
The Journey out.
The Journey In
· Shed your distractions, release your thoughts.
· At the entrance, breathe deeply and offer a silent prayer. Focus in this time on a question, situation, or a feeling, you may be holding in your mind and heart. 
· Invite God to walk with you. 
· Ask God what word or direction He may have for you today. 
· Enter. Walk.  Go at whatever pace feels natural, keeping in mind how we are encouraged to rush—think seriously about slowing down.
The Center
· The center is a place to pause and dwell with God
· Rest in the divine presence. 
· Pray for your own needs
· Pray for others
· Seek guidance on how to integrate a new insight into your life.
Journey Out
· Turn and follow the same path out.
· Again, walk at your own pace.
· Allow the walk out to prepare you for re-entry and to
· integrate what you have learned or received.
· When you reach the threshold, pause and give thanks.
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Suggestion for Labyrinth prayer

Coming Home to my Center
Joyce Rupp, Prayers to Sophia
Steadfast Love,
enfold me with your calmness
and evenness of temper,
wrap me round with tender embrace.
Gather me under your sheltering wings.
Hold me in the nest of your abiding love,
For I am a scattered one today
in need of a strongly grounded center.
Vision and Guidance,
direct my every step and action
in this day that is filled with activity.
Help my truest, most loving self
to shine through all I am and all I do.
Permeate my entire being
until I sing fully of your love.
Keep me close to your heart,
Where I know I belong.
Direct me to you, my Center,
Where I find peace, harmony,
satisfaction, guidance,
all I need
to travel the path of life well.
Keep calling to my spirit:
“Come home!  Come home!”