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St. Bridget Parish School works hard to make school affordable for every family and doesn't want the cost of a Catholic School to be a barrier to a child's education. Financial Aid is available for students in grades K-8 to families who qualify; please email to learn more. Sorry, we are unable to give tuition assistance to Pre-K students. 

Payment options

We offer a variety of payment options as well as multi-student discounts. 
Payment in full (paid by August 1st) - receive 5% off tuition
Payment in two installments (August 15th and January 15th) receive 2% off tuition
10 or 12 recurrent payments (deducted on the 15th of every month) from a checking/savings account

Tuition GrantS

To apply for a tuition grant, please complete and return this Tuition Grant Application form.

Scrip For Tuition

We are pleased to offer the $crip for Tuition program at St. Bridget Parish School! This program enables our school families to receive, each year, a tuition credit or to start a tuition savings account for a future enrolled child, based upon their $crip card purchases. The Scrip program is easy to implement into your everyday routine and there is no added expense to use the program. Here is how Scrip works:
Fill out a family sign-up sheet.This sheet tells us who you are and where you would like 50% of your Scrip proceeds to go (current or future tuition). The other 50% is used for church goals.
Fill out an order form.
Pick up $crip cards/certificates.
Tuition Reimbursement/Savings Plan. Once your tuition is paid, based upon your payment plan, you will receive a reimbursement check. Checks are distributed at the end of each semester. For families who are saving up, we will keep a running balance.
The SCRIP program is a valuable and effective fundraising tool that allows the parish/school to receive a percentage of profit from purchased gift certificates. All K-8 families are asked to earn $100 in SCRIP profit as part of their tuition cost for the year. Additional profit from the program is shared 50% by the church and a school/church designation of your choice, with many families choosing the option of school tuition rebate for the following year. You may also opt to pay $100 in lieu of participation in the SCRIP program to complete your tuition payment. PreK families are encouraged but not required to participate in the SCRIP program.

St. Bridget Parish School provides opportunities for the following scholarships: Kathleen Agnes Brady Diocesan scholarship and Catholic Council of Women (grade 5 and grade 8).