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St. Bridget’s developmentally appropriate and challenging curriculum is aligned with state and diocesan standards and addresses



Language Arts



Social Studies    


Physical Education    

Computer Instruction    


These courses are offered for PreK-8th grade and are taught by highly qualified staff.

Click here to view the Diocesan curriculum guidelines.

To help assure that all students learn, a student services team including the G.O.A.L. teacher, works with classroom teachers as needed to implement high-quality instructional practices based on the learner’s individual needs. St. Bridget also partners with the public school district to provide educational services to students within the district that need some extra support.

Partnerships with parents allow us to provide a strong student-centered academic program that builds essential skills, nourishes curiosity, teaches problem solving, and promotes a love of learning. With Christ as our foundation, students develop a positive self-esteem, respect for others, and love of Jesus in an energetic, friendly and supportive school environment.


Religion  and Service to others

St. Bridget Parish School acknowledges that faith formation is a lifelong process. We recognize that the child’s faith development is begun in the early years of our students’ families, continued in the formal instructional years, and continued throughout life. Our school is founded upon the principles of our Catholic faith. These principles are interwoven daily throughout the entire curriculum. The faith life of our students is built upon a formal religion curriculum enhanced through daily classroom prayers, weekly school liturgies, service projects within the school setting, and service projects which extend beyond the walls of our building. We strive to nurture, teach, and encourage ways to recognize the presence of God in our daily experiences both within and outside of our school. We acknowledge our call to discipleship.