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The vision of the GOAL program (Growth Opportunities for All Learners) is that all students, no matter what their need or gift, that is,
students with specific learning needs,
behavioral needs,  
emotional needs and spiritual needs;
students with unlabeled intelligence that need differentiated instruction; and
students with gifts and talents that need a more challenging approach
should be given a chance to have Catholic formation – in a school or parish program.
Find more information on the Diocese of Superior's GOAL program here



All children are special and all children have needs. 

We need to develop opportunities for all children, youth and adults to learn. We no longer can wait for a child to fail before we help them meet academic and religious standards.  

Pastors, principals, teachers and catechetical staff develop curriculum and instructional programs where all children are given opportunities to learn. It is through analysis and incorporation of ideas that parishes will develop models of education and faith formation that will provide for individual needs.
Parishes need to ensure that children, youth and adults are given an opportunity to learn and participate in the faith.  It is the mission of the Church to offer opportunities in education and faith to as many children, youth and adults as we can.


Develop a handbook and common forms to assist schools and religious education programs in working with all needs.
Purchase resources and assessment tools collaboratively as a diocese to curb cost restrictions.
Provide professional development training for teacher and catechetical leaders to enhance local programming.
Establish teams of teacher and parish leaders in each school and parish who will provide guidance and support for other teachers when handling student needs.
Investigate and pilot specific programs that may be an option for our schools and parishes.