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Spiritual Growth

Labyrinth Prayer,
from Prayer Seeds by Joyce Rupp
You are with me, Ever-Present Journeyer, as I stand at the opening to the labyrinth.  Many times I have stood unsure at the entrance of an unknown journey in my life.  Remind me that I do not make the passage to the center alone.  You accompany my every footstep.
Encourage me to bring my entire life with me – whatever encumbers and inhibits, whatever enthuses and inspires.  No part of my life can be left behind.  Each particle is woven into my relationship with you.  I bring all of it onto the path that draws me inward and forward.
Instill trust in me as I begin to walk the back and forth movements of the path taking me further and deeper into the mystery of you and into the unknown recesses of my soul.  Assure me that I can walk without fear, knowing you are my Guide.  Whatever truth awaits, it will be given when I am available and ready to receive it.
Slow me with your stillness so I do not hurry the steps I take.  Enable my patience and mindfulness to assist my focus on each step as I join my breath to you, the One Breath.
When I reach the center of the labyrinth, open the portals of my mind and heart to remove anything that prevents me from seeing clearly.  Grant wisdom to know what to leave behind in the center.  Whatever keeps me bound, unbind.  Whatever holds me back, release.  Whatever yearns to be set free, liberate.
Before I begin the journey leading out of the labyrinth, place in my heart the gift that will support my being more truly yours.  Restore what has been neglected.  Refresh what has grown stale.  Rejoice what has saddened.  Reenergize what has drooped with weariness.
As I make my way from the center strengthen and deepen my commitment to personal and world transformation.  May each step be a step of kindness, a step of compassion, a step of justice, a step of hope, until I reach the last step that moves me out beyond the labyrinth. 
Wrap your peace around me as I go forth.  May I move into what lies ahead with restored confidence, reassured of my desire and ability to be a person of great love