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Spiritual Growth

Sunrise Prayer


Maker of the Morning,

as the blazing sun glories the eastern horizon,

I arise and greet this new day. 

My spirit bows with gratitude,

rejoicing in hope for what this day promises.

Focusing Ray of Light,

I celebrate the fresh, penetrating, clarity

of your daily entrance into my life,

stronger than the rising sun of morning,

clearer than brilliant light on a maple leaf.

As people of the sleepy earth stretch and stir,

awaken in them an eagerness for your wisdom.

As creatures come forth from their hidden places,

protect them from human greed and carelessness.

May this day be a day of peace for all of creation,

with your touch of compassion extended to each one.

I commit all that awakens in my heart

into the gracious hands of your care.

I dedicate all I am and all I do this day to you,

the Radiant One of the morning.

I entrust my entire being into the protective arms

of your love

Creator of the Dawning Sun,

draw me with your eternal energy.

Filter your transforming glow

through every inner fiber of mine

until I am transparent

with the power of your enlightening beauty.