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We would be honored to have you journey with us.
Scrip Family Sign-Up
  • Please fill out the sign up form and click send. Once it is sent, you may start placing orders.

  • Examples:
    #1: I have a student at St. Bridget school and want to reduce the tuition I pay.
    • In "Profit Contribution", check the "tuition for my family" option and 50% of your profit will go to your tuition.
    #2: I am a parent/friend of a family with a St. Bridget student and would like to help them.
    • In "Family Contribution", enter the names of the parents and students you would like to support. You can choose up to 4)

    #3: I just want to keep all of my profit with the scrip fund and let them decide what to do.

    • Check nothing or check the "keep 100% of my profits with the scrip goals fund"

    #4: I want to donate my 50% profit to both the building fund and youth ministry.

    • Check both "Building Fun" and "Youth Ministry" and your profit will be split between these accounts. You can choose up to 4.