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Witnesses and Workers in the Kingdom

September 01, 2019
By Jodie Rubenzer, Spiritual Growth

Witnesses and Workers in the Kingdom

What does it mean to be a witness?  Miriam Webster defines it as “testimony: one that gives evidence specifically.”

To be called upon as a witness results often times in a conviction of sorts.  Well in the past days and weeks what I have witnessed challenges and hopefully convicts me to live more like a disciple than a bystander.  

I have been witness to complete and unceasing service and compassion.  How does this look?  It’s in the moments of observing Tessa with awe, in her ability to communicate with a Venezuelan family, becoming part of our parish community.  Language may have its barriers, but love sure doesn’t. 

Then there is Diane, who has reached out in care by giving generously of her time to make Adoration time a possibility for a friend unable to get here on her own.  Each week she sets aside the time so that a “Jesus date” can be kept. 

Tammy is our hub, she keeps us all connected internally and externally.  Her finger is always on the pulse of what’s happening and because of that continues to challenge us to extend our ministries beyond the walls of the Church.  Tammy extends kindness to everyone who walks into the office. 

And each Tuesday Pat lovingly prepares the chapel for Adoration.  She works quietly replacing and cleaning the votive candles to assure a “holy space” for which we are all invited to come and to spend some quiet time with Jesus. 

Now in fairness I need to be clear that these are only a few of the examples that I’ve been witness to; we all have opportunities to be Witnesses and Workers in the Kingdom.  I know that there are many things that happen in a day when we are in the midst of God’s handiwork and pray that awareness leads us to recognize these moments. 

So my invitation to you is this….in the next few days or weeks, ask God to make you aware of  God’s work being accomplished through others; making you a witness to the workers in the kingdom.  And as this happens, drop a note or text or a comment to the person, letting them know you’ve observed their kindness.    In doing this we become a Eucharistic people, joined together as the mystical Body of Christ. 

And we can be pleased in knowing it is then that we will hear our pastor say:  “They got it right, they got it right!”

Bethany says:
September 04, 2019 07:01 AM CST
In reading this I love the examples and the witness to what it means! Small or big acts that mean so much and connect us that bind us. Thank you for the reminder it’s all around.

D Mclaughlin says:
March 26, 2020 07:53 PM CST
Thankyou Jodi for all you do and what lovely and enlightening articles. I needed to be reminded of ways to do better. You are a lady with a Sweet Heart !!!:))) Sincerely D McLaughlin