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Connect the Dots

June 14, 2019
By Jodie Rubenzer, Spiritual Director

Connect the Dots!

Do you remember as a kid the “connect the dot” color books and worksheets, you might have worked on in school or at home?  It was so much fun to see what image would appear as you connected the lines to the dots.   However, sometimes making a “wrong” connection would result in a not so recognizable image, resulting in eraser marks, crossed out lines and even sometimes ripped paper. 

I imagine all of us as part of a “connect the dot” image formed by the Divine Author of Creation.  I even permit myself to engage in this masterpiece as a co-creator.  Awaking each morning I pray to be mindful of the situations where I might become a line or the dot. Will I turn out to be the connecting point or the resting spot?   What prompted me to think about this is that recently there have been just too many occurrences of being in the “right place at the right time”.  Like walking into a place and unexpectedly running into someone I’ve been thinking about but hadn’t reached out too, and there they are.  As  I  walk away from an encounter like this,  feeling “heart full” and knowing I couldn’t have planned it any better if I’d have tried, I’m moved to the possibility that I’ve been in the midst of a Divine encounter.    We’ve all been given these moments; sometimes recognizing them on the spot, or after we’ve taken the time to look back and reflect. 

The take-away from all of this for me is a continued prayer for awareness.  I want to be ready and open to receive these moments with gratitude and assuredness.    I read once somewhere that we are all part of this great tapestry of life.  God sees the whole image; the finished product.  We see only the underside with knots and thread and color changes, giving us a faint depiction of this masterpiece.  However each line and stitch and dot, helps to reveal the full image, and no matter what, there are no slip ups when we (as Saint Mother Theresa so humbly prayed) “to become a pencil in God’s hand”.     


Bethany says:
June 19, 2019 06:42 AM CST
I love this! I too now want to be more mindful if I am a line or a dot! What beautiful imagery for the beautiful creation God has made and has planned for us and others we meet.