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Piling Up!!

March 04, 2019
By Jodie Rubenzer, Spiritual Growth
Piling Up!
We’ve been dumped on with lots of snow this past month.  For those who are reliant on cold and snow it’s been pennies from heaven, but for others it has caused a burden with extra money spent on snow removal, a challenge to get around and the extra task of managing schedules due to snow days!  Whatever the situation, it has certainly gotten our attention. 
            As I continue to tend to the snow in my driveway and watch the snow piles grow and the driveway narrow, a question arose in my spirit, “What might be piling up within your heart, dear Jodie?”  It certainly did not take me long to realize some of which was stirring and causing chaos, but also to realize what I have to be grateful for.              When I feel pressed upon I often experience feelings of weariness, fear, hardness of heart and insecurity that can alter my perception and keep me from dealing with things in a truthful way.  I see only the “piles” that cover the blessings. 
            This week begins Lent.  As a kid, I didn’t always appreciate this season; I only saw the drudgery of Lent and having to go without candy or TV or grumbling because we knelt to pray the rosary as a family each night after supper.  However this has changed and Lent offers me a chance to start again, to “triumph over the piles”.  Instead of giving up, I am committing to get going and choose “letting go” as a way of discovering what’s in the layers of my “piles”.  I trust that the work of letting go will help to create space; space for the graces that only God can give.  By doing my inner work, I hope to begin to see not the burdens, but the blessings.  On Ash Wednesday we will have the opportunity to come together as “Church” and sing in unified voices, “Come back to me with all your heart, don’t let fear keep us apart”.  What a wonderful invitation! 
            This Lent, I am going to commit to enter more fully and with greater awareness into God, asking God to help me clear those piles that have become barriers to my blessings.  I would like to invite you to join me.
May Lenten Peace and Joy be yours. 
Bethany says:
March 04, 2019 07:09 PM CST
This is so beautifully said about lent! Clearing the pile of burdens to become blessings!! I will do that with you!! Reading these are truly a blessing!!