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Epiphany Moments: The Hunting Soul

January 04, 2019
By Jodie Rubenzer, Spiritual Director
Epiphany Moments: The Hunting Soul.
What if the Magi hadn’t paused to look up and see the star?  Think of the beautiful encounter they would have missed. 
Today, I took the time to pause and look.  Seems rather simple but man I can miss some pretty awesome moments right in front of my nose.  Take yesterday and today for instance, the morning and evening skies have been brilliant with color.  As I sat in my favorite chair sipping on my first cup of coffee, I admired still, the lights of the Christmas tree and looking a little deeper saw the pile of dust bunnies that had accumulated under the TV stand. J  So what made this morning different from other mornings…..I allowed myself to ponder.    I was feeling extremely grateful; and gratitude allowed me to see through a different lens. 
Pulling out my daily reading books my interest piqued to see that both reflections had been written by the same author, for the same date, but in different books.  A coincidence?  Not likely.  God wanted me to get this message.
The first reading came from Joyce Rupp’s book, Fragments of your Ancient Name, written by Karl Rahner SJ’:   “Only when the hunting soul comes near you with respectful openness and humble desire, will the immensity of your simple presence shine forth with strobe light awareness”. 
“Hunting soul and strobe light awareness”… these phrases jumped off the page.  They seem to contradict one another with “hunting soul” evoking images of slow movement, quiet, patient, preparation and the other just                                              being astonishingly there.  Both of these phrases however reminded me of the responsibility I have to continue to move and do my part in seeking and maintaining my relationship with God.  Like the Magi, I must continue to look to observe the signs placed before me and continue on the journey and yes sometimes those signs might have to be really obvious in order for me to see, like an obnoxious strobe light. 
The second reading came from An Ignatian book of days and read:  “Wherever space is really left by parting – by death – by renunciation – by apparent emptiness- provided that emptiness is not filled by the world, or activity, or chatter, or the deadly grieve of the world – there God is”. 
Empty space, what does this look like?  Well as I look around my home decorated still for Christmas, there is not much space left open.  And the days leading up to Christmas were packed with preparations and family and friend gatherings, little space there too.  So I think that as I sat there still in jammies and a warm cup in hand, God was challenging me to turn off the “no vacancy” sign in my life and decide how together we can rid the clutter or rearrange how I want to fill these “spaces”  moving forward.   Ponder!  So that’s what it meant when the scriptures say “Mary pondered all this in her heart”.  With the swirling events of this young mom’s life and all that was happening in the days that followed Jesus’ birth we read, Mary pondered.  I like to imagine this meant she gave herself time to reflect before being called into action again.    So I too must receive this invitation to ponder  and reflect before forging forward, trusting that God will know what I might need.
So as we near the end of the 12 days of Christmas and recall the journey of the Magi, may we too be prompted to “look up” to see with the intensity of “strobe light awareness” the star or the sky or the person put in our path guiding us to that “soul encounter” with the Baby, born in a manger 2000 years ago.  And like Mary, may we “ponder” this experience and return by a different way being forever changed.
Jeannie 5 says:
January 04, 2019 06:01 PM CST
Thank you Jodie, for the reminder to stop and "ponder". Where is God leading me today?