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The Ordinary time of Summer

July 13, 2018
By Jodie Rubenzer, Spiritual Companion
The Ordinary time of summer
Summer for some means a time to slow down…for others it’s a “gearing up”; especially those who make a living working at resorts, golf courses, lawn care service and road construction to name just a few.  For others it’s a time to pull back from routine and walk through daily life a bit less frazzled.  Summer for me becomes a time to soak up as much vitamin D and porch time as I can. 
Within our church year we are right now in the midst of ordinary time – green is the church color and we are also surrounded with the lush hues of green blanketing our landscapes.  The season of ordinary time can and often does present us with some pretty extraordinary moments. 
Opportunities for encountering the Divine Creator, can grace us in the moments of songs of praise that ring out each morning as the chick-a-Dees, cardinals, robins, blue jays and occasional high pitched screech of a pileated woodpecker landing on the suet, gather their songs greeting the day. 
The swirling sound of leaves, as the wind blows first through the tops of the trees and then reaching the ground, can offer the cool, refreshing touch of morning air,  as one sips the first drink from the cup of morning coffee. 
Summer for me is a time to step out of routine to give myself permission to enter each day slowing down just a little.  However ritual and routine sometimes become hard patterns to break and it does require some gentle effort. 
Recently I came across an article entitled:  Sacred Sauntering and Holy Lollygagging, by Genevieve Glen.  In this article she states “we are a society driven by time management and the force to be productive – be useful”.  We are coerced into doing instead of being.  She goes on to say in the article “It’s summer!”  Do yourself a favor and if you can shorten your “to do” list, live a bit more “untied” to your day planner and enter into a mini vacation then do so”.  Reading further, I was surprised to learn that the word vacation comes from the Latin “vacare” meaning to empty out; be idle.
As I finished this article it affirmed for me the necessity of allowing myself to be idle.   I am now enticed to mosey more graciously into the ordinary time of summer and would invite you to consider the same. 
So take off your shoes and let the waters of mud puddles and area beaches baptize you; let the grass tickle your toes.  Taste the sweetness of fresh picked strawberries and blueberries still warm from the kiss of the sun.  Linger in a hammock with a good book or a squirrely child or grandchild, anticipating a nap or but more likely an afternoon of wiggles and giggles.  Enjoy the fellowship of a gathering of friends and family for an evening picnic and s’mores over a crackling fire. 
Know that whatever you choose, our God, our divine author and creator is there among us.  For as the words of Brother Francis of Assisi echo in the Canticle of the Sun: “The Heavens are telling the glory of God and all creation is shouting for Joy”. 
Happy Lollygagging!
Diane says:
July 13, 2018 03:09 PM CST
Love it! Amen! Fits very well with Fr. Jerry's "From the Pastor" story about "letting our souls catch up with our bodies.” Thanks, Jodie!

Olive mulhollam says:
July 14, 2018 07:07 PM CST
So true! As a senior citizen i can enjoy a guilt free slowing down time.the rest of my days on this Earth. Seems that God in his wisdom puts people in my life needing prayer and i find it very fulfilling as a Christian believer. Praise be to father ,son and holy spirit!!!!!!!