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“Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”
(Matt 25:40)
Each summer we grow as disciples by reaching out to our brothers and sisters in need through a week-long mission trip. We have been to many locations near and far. These trips are open to all high school youth. Registration and fundraising begin as early as November for youth and adult chaperones. You can find out more information by contacting Amy.


2022 Mission Trip

Rapid City, SD
July 2-9
Open to current 8-12 grade students

Click Here for the Registration Form!

Because we have a limited number of spots, our registration will end once the number has been reached.
YouthWorks Cost: 20 x 350.00 per person = 7,000.00
Transportation (van rentals & gas) cost: = up to 2,500.00
HOWEVER, through *parish subsidizing and fund-raising efforts, we have been able to bring the total cost down to $250 per person!
We will be asking families to participate in fund-raising efforts, as they are able.
Payments are due at time of registration.
Payments are non-refundable but they are transferable.
*The youth of our parish are incredibly blessed by the generosity of our Joany Fund and benefactor.
About Rapid City
In Rapid City, we partner with several local service agencies and work with children and the elderly. One of the longest partnerships we work with is Black Hills Works, a progressive and adaptive center for mentally and physically challenged adults in Rapid City. Their center provides job training, paid work, practical life classes and other services. Groups will be able to see Mount Rushmore, but they’ll also learn about other aspects of Rapid City, such as the importance of the Black Hills to the Lakota. You’ll also participate in the largest cookout in our Western region. YouthWorks has partnered with this community since 1999.
NEIGHBORS; Not where, but who. Not if, but how. 
Being NEIGHBORS isn’t just about where we live but about how we love the people that God puts in our path.  One of the most radical stories in the bible is the story of the Good Samaritan. Jesus uses this story to teach us about love and compassion. The Good Samaritan sets us an example by choosing to engage, lean in, step towards people and to love without limits. In this story, we can reimagine how to love our neighbor in the same way we love ourselves, even when it’s costly or challenging.
This summer, we invite you to step into this radical story that breaks down cultural barriers.   Together, we’ll spend a week experiencing life alongside “new neighbors” and truly engaging with those around us – because being neighbors isn’t a question of if we love, but how.
You see, we’ve never thought of mission trips as a youth group’s “big event” where students finally get to live out their faith. The “big event” of students’ faith happens every day as teenagers find opportunity to love and serve the people God puts in their path. Instead, mission trips are a launch pad… a drawing back of the bow… a wind-up for the pitch. Mission trips equip and encourage students to go home and love the communities they travel into every day when they roll out of bed.
 "As for the mission trips, I have never ever had so much fun living within 5 feet of a person for an entire week.  The relationships that are built will last a lifetime and the experiences have meant the world to me.  My life has changed in so many ways that I cannot even begin to describe.  I have grown closer to God through service to others as well as through the friendships that I have built."
"A mission trip is to increase faith through a service centered experience.  If you like to do things with your hands, going on a mission trip is the best way to help others.  Service is an important part of our faith as we are called to help those in need and do as Jesus did.  We spend a week set apart from our everyday lives, the technology, the stress, and the feeling of comfort.  We use this time to recenter ourselves in our faith."
"There is time in small groups for creating and strengthening friendships.  We help the local community with whatever needs doing.  This experience is impactful for both the participants and the leaders as discussions around serving others get put into practice.  And we have so much fun!  Come join us in the fun while being God’s hands and feet in the world."
Amy Burns - Youth Minister; Middle School & High School
715 425 1879 Ext 107 (office)
651 341 9048 (cell)