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Doris Murphy Memorial Lecture



Please Join Us for the Eighth Annual
Doris H. Murphy Memorial Lecture


Monday, October 4, 2021 from 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Live-Stream available HERE



 Pilgrim People of Peace: Looking for a Map

 Presenter: Dr. Gerald W. Schlabach

Catholics and Mennonites need each other. This is the conviction that animates the ecumenical group Bridgefolk, in which Doris Murphy was an enthusiastic participant.

Dr. Gerald W. Schlabach, emeritus professor of theology at the University of St. Thomas, is one of the co-founders and longtime leaders of Bridgefolk. In this year’s Doris Murphy lecture, Schlabach will explain what Catholics and Mennonites can learn from one another and share his vision for how Catholics can heed their call to be peacemakers by being the “pilgrim people” that the Second Vatican Council envisioned. Dr. Schlabach’s most recent book is A Pilgrim People: Becoming a Catholic Peace Church.

This lecture series is established in memory of Doris H. Murphy, a former Faith Formation Director at St. Bridget Church and a teacher, writer, lecturer, and mentor who had a passion for catechesis, social justice, scripture study, liturgy, the Eucharist, Vatican II, and care for the environment. In her own words, most of her work “has been trying to put together theology and the people of God.” Our presenter this year is proud to share that Doris Murphy was one of her professors and a friend.

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