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We would be honored to have you journey with us.

The CCW is a group within St. Bridget’s dedicated to women.  As a woman of this parish, you are already a member.  We believe the CCW is a place where women of all ages can come together and bond in faith and friendship.  We already are an integral part of the parish community and we know the potential, which occurs with the involvement of more women!  Below are some of the activities the CCW supports:

  • Donate and serve funeral meals
  • Update/replace parish kitchen equipment
  • Supply Fair Trade coffee for all events
  • Host the Mass of Remembrance Reception
  • Sponsor Women’s Events
  • Community afternoon/evening Euchre groups
  • Sponsor $500 scholarships
  • Furnish all church candles
  • Support Martha Quilters Group
  • Annual Fall Raffle

Looking forward, we hope that CCW can be a place where women of faith can meet for fellowship, knowledge, spiritual renewal, service to others and fun and engaging events!  We welcome all women.  Do you have a few hours a month?  Do you have a few hours a year?  We welcome you to join us.


New ideas for projects are always welcome! Please call Sandy at 715-425-1041



God of heavenly wisdom,
You have given us Mary, Mother of Jesus,
To be our guide and counselor.
Grant that we may always seek her motherly help in this life,
And so enjoy her presence in the life to come.
Oh Mother of Good Counsel,
Patroness of the National Council of Catholic Women,
Intercede for us, that we may be wise, courageous
And loving leaders of the Church.
Help us, dear Mother, to know the mind of Jesus, your son.
May the Holy Spirit fill us with reverence for God’s creation
And compassion for all God’s children.
May our labors of love on earth enhance the reign of God,
And may God’s gifts of faith and living hope
Prepare us for the fullness of the world to come.