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Gala 2018

Date: February 24th

An Evening in the Enchanted Forest

The St. Bridget Parish School Gala is an annual event that brings the community together in celebration of our mission to hold true to our faith, family, and individual academic excellence — fostering living examples of God's presence in our world. We hope that each school family contributes to annual gala—the biggest fundraiser we have which raises approximately $90,000 each year and allows us to provide great educational items for the school (Chromebooks, iPads, Promethean boards, professional development opportunities for the teachers, curriculum, instructional materials, etc.) as well as make great building improvements (water fountains, updates, windows, outdoor sign, etc.) and contribute to our endowment fund! Every item helps and no donation is too small. 

Donations do not necessarily need to be purchased by you. You can also ask a local business (River Falls, Hudson, Prescott, etc.) to donate an item and then simply bring it in to the office.

If you are looking for ideas, we are in need of the following items:
  • Local restaurant gift cards
  • Movie tickets (Hudson)
  • Shopping SCRIP cards /gift certificates (Shopko, WalMart, Target)
  • Gas SCRIP cards/gift certificates (Kwik Trip, Holiday, BP, etc.)
  • Hotel stays

Thank you for supporting St. Bridget Parish School’s Gala 2018!