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If you are looking for a Church or School, we would be honored to have you journey with us.

Caltholic Schools Week


Sunday January 29th

9:30 Kick-off Mass
  • All St. B’s students and families are encouraged to attend this mass. Please wear uniforms or St. Bridget Spirit wear to show our Celtic Pride
  • There will be fellowship after in the back of church. Don’t miss out on our slide show featuring our students. Also, make sure to stop back to check out our registration information for Pre-K and Middle School!
1:00-3:00 White Elephant Bingo in the School Gym
  • Please see the flyer for more information

Monday January 30th (Wear Your Pajamas to School)

9:00-10:00 Breakfast and Cartoons with Spirit Families
  • Our students will be treated with fresh cinnamon rolls topped with homemade frosting and the best part is they will enjoy these sweet treats in their pajamas!

Tuesday January 31st (Class Color Day)

All Day: “At School Field Trip”
  • Are you ready to jump, bounce and have some fun? Inflatables will be filling our gym for endless fun and exercise throughout the day!
PreK- yellow       3rd- blue
K- red                 4th- purple
1st- orange         5th- black
2nd- green          MS- pink

Wednesday February 1st (Uniform Day)

Mass at St. Anne’s in Somerset 10:00 a.m.
  • Students PreK-8 will board buses at 9:00 a.m. to join Bishop Powers and other local Catholic Schools in our diocese to celebrate mass
  • Please note, due to the size of St. Anne’s church, there is no room for extra guests beyond students and staff.
Teachers vs. Middle School Students Volleyball Game (2:45 p.m.)
  • Come cheer on the teachers (or the middle schoolers) while they face-off in a winner take home all the Celtic Pride game of volleyball

Thursday February 2nd (Mismatch/Crazy Hair Day - no hats)

Birthday Box Service Project
  • We are so grateful for your generous donations in helping us bring cheer to children in need on their birthday. We will be packing these bags with our Spirit Families for delivery to the River Falls Food Pantry on Friday. PLEASE SEE FLYER FOR MORE INFORMATION!
Teacher Swap (Afternoon)
  • Ms. Tiffany is teaching music?? Mrs. Bents is the principal?? This fun afternoon activity will bring teachers to different classrooms to teach students a fun lesson of their choice!

Friday February 3rd (Superhero Day)

Superhero Lunch (11:30-12:15) and Walk (12:15-1:00)
  • Students may invite a special guest (parent, cousin, or friend) to join them for lunch. Please narrow it down to one guest per family.
  • RSVP is REQUIRED, please see informational packet for details!
  • Please note that there will be NO hot lunch or milk served on this day! Bring a bag lunch or have something special brought into school!
  • When lunch is completed, we will walk with our Superhero to the River Falls Food Pantry to deliver our birthday bags. We will stop along the way to deliver some sweet treats to our local heroes (fire station, police station, post office).
  • Upon return, your child may fly away with their superhero for the remainder of the day. If your child’s superhero is unable to take your child home after the walk, aftercare will be provided.