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Spiritual Growth

Surrounded by God
May the Lord and his kingdom be above you, so that your minds may be drawn upwards; may he be within you, so that you may be truly rooted in him; may he be as a firm foundation beneath you, so that you may always rely upon him; may he be at your right side, so that he will never let you swerve to pleasures or vanities; may he be at your left, so that you may never be broken by adversity; may he be behind you, so that through fear of him you will be recalled from any backsliding onwards to your perfection.  May God do all this.
~St. Peter Faber, SJ, in the The Ignatian Tradition, Kevin F. Burke,
Eileen Burke-Sullivan, Phyllis Zagano
A great prayer with an eye-catching image – God is within us and all around us, protecting, nourishing, sustaining, drawing us on. 
May you find rest and peace in your “God Bubble” today!