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Spiritual Growth

The following reflection was written by Reese on the day of the RCIA retreat.  She recently joined our St. Bridget Parish Family at Easter and is currently involved in Adoration on Tuesdays.  
by Reese Madlem
Enter the Upper Room.
Candle light crawling across
a meal of nuts and berries:
pecans, cashews, prunes, and dates.
Nourishment for our body.
Bread and wine.
Nourishment from Your body.
As your body was to be broken,
so you broke the bread.
As your blood was to be poured,
so you poured the wine.
To feed the hungry, the sinful
the motley crew of misfits,
liars and thieves you call friends.
Your hands hold out the cup to me.
Your eyes sort through my soul
as mine are cast downward
avoiding the gaze of my savior.
A tear slips down your cheek,
mirroring the tear on mine,
as you lift my chin and feed me,
your body, your blood, your life.
Lines twelve and thirteen from “Come to the Table” by Sidewalk Profits